Ibiza SLOW Video Festival

saturday, may 29th 2021


the festival

So much talent deserves a prize

The IBIZA SLOW VIDEO FESTIVAL Awards Gala is the annual event of all audiovisual creators of Ibiza. Its 4th edition will be dedicated to all the creative women of Ibiza and the world, adding to equality between sexes, races, nationalities and beliefs.

All audiovisuals posted on INSTAGRAM containing the hashtag #IbizaSlowFestival participate, the 10 works with most 'likes' published at the Official Festival Account enter the finals and have option for great prizes.

The Gala will take place at the Baluard de Sant Pere in the city of Ibiza at 8:30pm, where the 'Best Audiovisual Made in Ibiza' will be awarded to the winning video.

The prizes

3 statuettes of Goddess Tanit for the top 3 winning videos.


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Videos made by producers and filmmakers based on the island of Ibiza and abroad can participate. The only requirement is that the video has been produced and/or shot in Ibiza. Each creator can send up to 5 videos.


Participation will be carried out exclusively through the Instagram app, registering for free and adding the hashtag #IbizaSlowFestival to all published videos.


The maximum duration of each video should be 10 minutes, and a minimum of 1 minute.

They may be made in any format, but must be presented exclusively in digital (HD) format.


If the video language is not Spanish, it must be subtitled in Spanish language.

Videos that are spoken in another language and do not have subtitles cannot be selected.


The jury will be composed of 4 members, competent people in film art, organizations and sponsors, designated by the festival organization. The jury's decision will be final and will be made public at the Awards Gala.

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